Commando Forces - Zarb e Azb

Commando Forces - Zarb e Azb

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Infiltrate the enemy base & wipe them out.
Those were the good times when the tribal areas of Pakistan were peaceful. Everyone was happy. Suddenly the enemies attacked and started the anarchy there. Lots of people were slaughtered. You are the ruthless commando of Special Forces and you are assigned a task that infiltrate the enemy’s base camp and wipe them out from earth and avenge your mother land.
Kill your enemy by going on frontline when enemy is not aware of your presence in his camp.
You are the furious commando of Special Forces with ultra combat experience so use your skills to take down the enemies.
You are drop down in the enemy’s camp through Parachute . So you have to maintain your stealth and keep away from eyes of your enemies.
These are the mercenaries so you don’t have to pity on them and shoot them all on sight & avenge your motherland.
You have to be unstoppable and clear the enemy camp until there is no enemy left. You have to eliminate every last one of them to clear the mission.
This is the single player campaign. You have to clear all the enemy waves and survive until the last wave. Clear all wave without dying to complete the game.
You are the last commando left so you have to carry out the mission and save your soldiers and people.
This is your battlefield. So you have to count every shot and invade the enemy base camp with full force.
You are the last man standing. You are the commando of Pakistan Special forces. You are the one man army. So feel proud and don’t hesitate to fire your weapon on enemies to kill them.
Feel like a real army commando in our First person shooting (FPS) game.
Touch and move joystick to move.
Tap fire button to fire.
Tap pause button to pause the game.
Realistic army base view in mountains.
Controls are very smooth and comfortable.
A.I applied is very good.
Clear all waves to complete the mission.
Feel like a real time war hero.
Improve your shooting skills.



Update: 2016-10-15

Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android2.3 or later



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